The Legend of AKANDO

AKANDO was originally founded in 2014 as a solo project of Cheveyo (engl.: Spirit Warrior). According to legend, he was born in the endless widths of the Great Plains as the son of a powerful chief. One day, he had the intuition to take up the traditions and rites of the Native Americans and pack them thematically into songs.

Melodic Death Metal, punchy Thrash Metal and Atmospheric Black Metal have a huge influence on Cheveyo’s songwriting. However, beyond these bounds Akando is able to create an own style. Powerful guitar riffs with many tempo changes and hymn-like warrior choirs create a gloomy, partly melancholic atmosphere that sends a shiver down the listener’s spine. Diverse elements such as animal and nature sounds, shaman drums, flutes and above all, vocal passages in the language of the Native Tribes, give the music an authentic, spiritual character with lots of American Spirit Vibes. AKANDO comes with an extraordinary style that definitely appeals to listeners from a variety of metal genres.

Once the Great Manitu appeared to Cheveyo in a visions dream and told him about a pending mission. Thereupon Cheveyo entered the studio in 2017 to record the debut album “Attack From Ambush” in collaboration with international guest musicians. The recording work has been completed in spring 2018 and about a half year later a record-deal with Boersma Records was signed. Afterwards, Cheveyo drummed up his blood brothers Niyol (engl.: wind) and Adahy (engl.: the man who lives in the woods), two braves from allied tribes.

Finally united, the tribesmen are ready to dig out the Metal hatchet and dare the musical attack from ambush. If you believe the prophecy of the wise voice of the elders, as from 2019, AKANDO will rage over the land like a roaring thunder, in order to set the stages on fire.